Our goal is to be your first choice for archive management.

Depona is a dedicated archiving company and offers innovative and efficient archive solutions. With us the customer is always at the centre.

Depona is a stable company with a sound financial position and the highest credit rating. Depona’s management consistently focus on long-term, stable growth with low mortgages. This guarantees that Depona has the necessary resources in order to securely manage your information and material. And for many years into the future.

Everybody is welcome, regardless of whether you only have a few folders or several kilometres of existing archives on your shelves. We can always offer affordable and flexible solutions for your very needs.

We take responsibility for the environment and our wider world.

We work systematically to reduce our energy consumption and attempt to use energy sources that are as clean as possible.

Depona allocates significant funds to an envioronmentally-promoting climate compensation scheme and denoates large sums of money every year to organisations such as Doctors Without Frontiers. We consider it a privilege that our company is able to help and contribute where this is possible. Regardless of which of our services or products you use, you can always be sure that we are a conscientous and discrete supplier that offers the very best solutions. At reasionable prices.