Integrity policy

Depona is the personal data controller for the personal data that you submit on our website and the data that we process when you use our services. So that we can contact you, provide the required services and answer your questions, we save the information you give to us.

The information we process about you on our website is solely the information you choose to give to us via the contact form. The information we collect is encrypted and sent to a controller at Depona. Your details are then in our email register. This is so that we can contact you and respond to any questions and enquiries. All your information is processed in accordance with GDPR and is not passed on or sold to third parties. You cannot contact us via our forms if you do not accept these terms and conditions.

You can always contact us and request a register extract of the data we have that is linked to you. If you want us to delete all such data, simply tell us and, provided there are no outstanding enquiries, we will remove your information from our systems.

To contact us, please complete the contact form on the right.

Cookie policy

So that we can see how each website is used and personalise each user’s experience, Depona’s websites use cookies. Our aim is to improve user-friendliness for each visitor. This page gives information about cookies, which cookies are used on Depona’s websites, why we use them and how you can remove them from your browser.

What is a cookie and how does it work?

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer, telephone or tablet when you visit websites. Cookies help websites remember your settings and collect information for statistics. This means, for example, that you do not need to keep adjusting your settings each time you visit a particular website or browse its pages.

The information collected for statistics is anonymous and does not contain names, email addresses or any other details that can be linked to a particular individual. Cookies are often used both for a website’s own functions and by external services on the website.

For our part, we feel it is very important that you get information about which cookies we use on our websites and what the cookies are used for. We use them for three purposes: to guarantee your integrity; to enhance user-friendliness; and, to ensure optimum development of our websites.

If you would like to read more about cookies, take a look at, or

Different types of cookies

The law distinguishes between functional cookies and other cookies.

  • Functional cookies are necessary for a website to function optimally. The purpose of these cookies is solely to follow decisions made by visitors, e.g. registration, use of a web shop or language choice.
  • Analysis cookies collect anonymous statistics about how visitors use a website. Examples include how many times a website is visited and how long each visitor stays.

We use these cookies

Cookie Origin Purpose
Google Analytics Statistics
pll_language Polylang Language Language choice
euCookie Cookie Consent Acceptance of cookies

How do we use cookies?

The purposes of the cookies on Depona’s websites are to:

  • Maintain website security and protect website users.
  • Calculate and report user numbers and traffic as well as to personalise website presentation.
  • Develop and improve websites by understanding how they are used.
  • Adapt website layout and information to the platform that is being used.

When you accept cookies, your acceptance is saved for 12 months. You then have to accept cookies again.

Please do remember that we are not responsible for the content and cookies of any external websites that may have links on our websites.

How to clean and remove cookies

You can check and delete cookies exactly as you wish. You can remove all cookies on your computer and you can set your browser to not allow any cookies. In this latter case, you may have to adjust certain settings every time you visit a website. Certain services and functions may also not function as intended. Additionally, in some circumstances, website functionality and experience may be impaired.

If you want to limit or block the cookies used on Depona’s (or other) websites, you can do this via your browser’s security settings. You can even set your browser to give you a warning each time a website tries to save a cookie on your computer.

Updating of our policy

We may need to occasionally adapt this policy because of website updates or changed rules for cookies. Consequently, we are entitled to alter the content of the policy and the list of cookies at any time and without prior warning. You will always find the latest version on this page. We thus suggest that you check this page when you visit the website.

This policy was last updated 9th April 2018.