With Depona archiving is always as it should have been

Depona has everything that is needed to make your archiving process flexible and secure.

Our basic service will help you to pack and transport your archive material and register it in our web-based archiving system Visual Archive®. The functionality with images makes the system uniquely user-friendly, which simplifies archive management. The archive material will be stored in our archives.

Visual Archive® gives you full control over your archiving with us. The solution allows you to carry out all of the activities within archive administration, from ordering reviews approving destruction.

When you place an order it will usually be implemented within a few hours.

We will take care of the destruction and issue a destruction certificate.

Depona provides a turnkey service, where the archiving process is rational, flexible, timely and easy to manage from day one right up to the day when the documents will be recycled and turned into new paper.

We offer a wide selection of services for increased requirements:

Visual Archive Office® is a complete archive management system, where the archive material can be tracked from day one and right up to destruction, regardless of whether the material is being archived internally or externally with barcodes or RFIS tags on each box label.

E-archive to ensure redundancy in relation to your other service operation, a professional cloud service, where we assume responsibility for the information.

Archive products such as boxes, packaging, labels and everything needed for your physical documents.