A document archive in the cloud – for people who like to be organised and efficient!

e-Archive is a professional, cloud-based, digital archive solution for people who want to be able to simply upload their information and safely leave the rest to us. You can upload your information to e-Archive whenever you want and wherever you are.

Depona is responsible for the solution’s functionality. This includes availability (server uptime), reliability, accessibility, insurance and the possibility of safeguarding documents and data. Our user interface and administration tools satisfy the traceability requirements of Swedish regulatory authorities.

All data is stored on our own servers and data storage units. Furthermore, our own software solutions are used for running all of these. As a part of the service, we provide information on server physical location and how back-ups are made. When documents have been uploaded to e-Archive, they cannot be edited or corrupted. This is because they are locked. Document authenticity is thereby guaranteed.

e-Archive is a digital archive and a service that is linked to our other services such as Visual Archive Office®. As all documentation complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), e-Archive can be a step along the way to satisfying your organisation’s GDPR strategy.